ISBN 0505524139

Haunted by a magical encounter in the desert after her jet was shot down, ex-fighter pilot Jas Hamilton is determined to discover why dreams of the mysterious golden-eyed man have derailed her life. When the two find each other after twenty years, they rekindle a passionate attraction.

The Star King began with a simple premise: What would it be like if I hitchhiked into outer space? That’s how Jas Hamilton was born. She’s 43, divorced, with two grown kids. She’s still vibrant, smart and sexy, and not afraid to take risks! Of course, being the fantasy writer that I am, I have her meet Rom, the deposed crown prince of the galaxy, a man who all but worships her stretch marks. *g* I enjoyed writing Jas’s reaction to that one! The Star King went on to win many awards. I think I may have touched a few chords writing about a 40-ish woman who goes after her dreams despite her fears, reaching out to grab happiness, instead of sitting at home waiting for it to find her.

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