The interesting thing about taking on writing in this part of my career is that it was no real surprise when, after announcing I was going to be a romance writer, I actually did it (after many manuscripts that didn’t work). 


Because I have a history of setting goals and achieving them.  Despite huge odds.  Despite multiple failures.  I’m one of those pig-headed gals who stick with things until she achieves them.  Sure, I’ve never been successful at the first go of anything.  Never.  I no longer expect instant success.  I know I will have to try and try again, pushing past failures (some of them downright embarrassing).  However, I do eventually get there. 

So no one was surprised when I achieved my goal.  They were surprised when I made writing romance my goal though.  It made no financial sense (dollars usually a quick measurement of value added in the business world).  There aren’t many  (if any) authors on the Forbes 400 list.  In contrast, there are many businessfolks (btw, a billion in net worth won’t put you there, nope, you need more than that).  But once I explained the mentorship part of the equation, business friends got it and my business blogging buddies have become some of my biggest supporters. 

As for the future, I plan to plug away, writing a novel and novella a year.  I told the hubby I’d re-evaluate the writing thing after 5 novels.  If I’m on schedule, that’s 2012.  I might bump it up a year to 2011 ’cause that’ll be my 40th birthday.  I usually do a massive overhaul of my business and financial plans on big birthdays like that.  Keeps it fresh.    

Would I write something other than contemporary romances set in the business world?  Likely not.  I love business.  I hang with execs and entrepreneurs and other businesspeople.  I’m married to a businessman (a salesguy).  I read business.  I watch it.  I play in it.  I don’t think I could write a non-businessperson’s POV.  Business is a part of me.  It is a part of my characters.     

It is also what makes me unique.  I can’t write Medieval Romances better than Margaret Moore.  I can’t write werewolves better than Kelley Armstrong.  I can’t write Sci Fi/Fantasy better than Ciara Gold.  And I don’t want to.  They’re doing a great job.  They have happy readers.  They don’t need me in the mix.   

But I do think there are some readers out there, in the business world, wanting more realistic business heroes and heroines.  That’s what I offer to the community.     

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