I have to get on this cruise!!  Wow, you’ve travelled lots, haven’t you?  I think my backyard is as far as I get most days.  When I’m lucky I get out to the grocery store.  Note the sarcasm around the word “lucky”.

If I could snip some of my breasts off and give them to you – I’d do it!  They drag me down and spend more time pulling at my shoulders than they do attracting anything.  And you should see me try to squeeze them into a bathing suit!!  I don’t know why they make suits for flat chested women – or women with fake boobs!

Just the same, your book sounds good!  And how exciting to research at a horse farm.  I love horses!  I used to ride when I was skinny and there was no threat of squashing the poor animals.  Now I just like to feed them.  Everything around me seems to revolve around food.  That could be part of my problem!!

What is it you would like to write about, but haven’t yet?  Is there something you wished you’d tried – or maybe something you’ve started that you plan to come back to at a later time?  I wouldn’t mind having a go at your friend’s ex- husband.  that can be a blog for a later time, though.  I have a few views on divorce myself.  How did your friends feel about your book?  Did it help them heal in any way?

Okay, that’s enough questions for now.  I can get long winded sometimes. 


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