Thre are quite a few of them.

1. Karen and Karennelyn- these women rock! They are so supportive and willing to work with you and make sure that things go smoothly. Yes, there are slip ups but that is going to happen no matter what you do.

2. The other coffee Crew- if you have questions, they will help! I love that! I have found a couple of friends who have supported me outside CTR which is fantastic!

3. The Chats- I love chatting with authors and this is a nice place to do it. 🙂 Whethe there is prizes or not, you get to learn about authors you may not know or have read their books. It can be an enjoyable experience if Java does not act up. 😉

4. Interviews- I love doing these because authors are so sweet and you get insight into a book that may not happen during a chat.

5. Reviews- I am bummed when I do not get a book I want but then I find other books I enjoy more! It is a fun experience. I love giving my opionions and knowing my honesty is what is required. I know that as long as I am not cruel, I will be backed up 100%.

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