Because Halloween is in a three days I thought I’d post some different Halloween costumes for Children and Adults. There are a lot more now then there seemed to be back in my day and they are more realistic to boot. Mine were plastic suits with a harder plastic mask to cover the face. In fact I have a picture of me in my favorite costume of all time for when I was a kid. Take a look…

Dani as a stormtrooper

Wasn’t I just so cute? You can tell from that picture that costumes have come a long way since then. Here are a few I chose from the many out there.

1. Baby Monster

2. Little Witch

3. Alice

4. Viking Warrior

5. KISS - The Demon

6. Queen of Hearts

7. Greek Goddess

8. Spanish Dancer

9. Vampiress

10. The Mad Hatter

11. Perseus - Clash of the Titans

12. Vampire

13. Werewolf

That’s my thirteen for this time around. What’s your favorite costume old or new? If you’re dressing up this year what are you going to be? Tell me, I’d love to hear it.

I want to send out a very special Happy Birthday to my son who will be 15 years old on Saturday. Happy Birthday hon!! :o)

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