When I know I’ve done my best on a review and I really loved the book, I’m happy. But then I get an email like this one from the author and I know that not only have I done well at my job, but Coffee Time Romance & More has gained respect.

This was sent to me from Susan Squires – http://www.susansquires.com/

She is the author of the Companion Vampire Series.

Oh, Liadan. What a wonderful review! I am so happy you liked it. And you told a complicated story simply and eloquently (I may steal from you!) Thanks so, so much. Made my day. Especially needed, since I’ve spent the last week recreating the 60 pages I lost on the next one when my hard drive died. Will I EVER learn to back up all the time? Apparently not.

Anyway, your review reminds me why I do all this. Again. Thank you.


It’s emails like this one that make me proud to be a reviewer and even prouder still to be a member of Coffee Time Romance & More.

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