Okay… I know these things are the ‘craze’ lately, but I just have to say something. Who on earth ever came up with the idea to shove a string up our ass and cover the frontal ‘area’ with a tiny little triangle that hides nothing??

I had to buy one and try it out, to see why so many women are choosing to go with this fashion. And I stick to my opinion that anything fashionable usually means it’s either too tight, too uncomfortable, or meant for women size 6 and under. And the thong is NO exception.

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror once putting these things on? The site of two cellulite twins, bubbly and wrinkled, is so not attractive. I realize that no one else sees these things, but to have that shoved up my crack for hours on end was not fun. And has anyone thought of skid marks? Gross! No one can control the gas from that end unless they’re willing to explode at some point and time.

I sat in the mall the other day and cautiously observed many people walking by – not wanting to be considered a stalker or anything! I will say that the thong can give some women a nicer shape, but it also sticks out from the top of their pants more noticeably. And some women, like myself, show off their bubbly butts if they wear the wrong type of pants. Honestly – do some people look at themselves in the mirror before leaving home? Does no one tell them that they look like two ton tessie out on the town?

I am NOT the person to wear a thong. If you can, more power to you. In the meantime I’m still trying to find that skinny little piece of material that went up my ass and disappeared into the abyss. Believe me, it’s a THONG way up there.

That’s today’s brew!


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