I know, I can hear you already, “another Nora series?”, but I love her writing. This is actually the very first set of books I read by Nora Roberts. This is a story of three women who are the reincarnation of the original sisters, who were witches, of Three Sisters Island.

Dance Upon the Air– we meet Nell Channing who has arrived on Three Sisters Island in trying to escape her abusive husband. She meets Ripley Todd, sheriff’s deputy, and Mia Devlin, store owner. Through these two women, she discovers a gift within herself that ties her to the island.

Heaven and Earth- is Ripley’s story. She is not as open to accepting her gifts as Nell was.  She likes her quiet life, but between her gifts and Mia, quiet is going out the window rapidly.

Face the Fire- is Mia’s story.  Mia has always been open to her gifts, but no so open to the love that has been in front of her the whole time. There is something after the sisters that is bigger than each of them. But together, they can conquer anything.

These women have had a huge impact on my life and my life’s path. It is, as if, I know them personally. I have never had a story touch me as profoundly as this trilogy did.

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