The research for this post was so monotonous.  I mean really, who wants to sift through photos of hot men all day?  It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.  So, I decided to tough it out for all of us and come up with this list – for the good of all.

A few things were glaringly obvious to me as I did my research:

  • There was a shortage of eye candy in the 70s and 80’s
  • I don’t have the same taste as a lot of women
  • Even some of the hottest men in history have taken bad pictures 


So, here we go.  These are in no particular order.  I mean, how could I choose the hottest?  My number one could change from day to day.


James Dean 










Adrian Paul









Chris Hemsworth







Chris Evans










Taylor Kitsch










Gabriel Aubry










Cherif Fortin










Thomas Jane










Matthew McConaughey










Hugh Jackman










Channing Tatum










Brad Pitt










Marlon Brando











Of course, the hero in my novel, Heaven Scent – Rafe Sutherland – is the hottest in my mind.  After all, I actually understand what’s going on in his head.  In addition to being hotter than Texas asphalt, he is a man of honor, character, and courage – things I think we are in a shortage of these days. 

Heaven Scent is available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords .   I hope you will download a copy and make your own comparison.   

In the meantime, give me your list of the top 13 hottest men ever.   I will giveaway a free download of Heaven Scent to the person that suggests the most men I want to add to my list.  However, just because a suggestion is made, doesn't mean I think he should be on the list.  So, try to think like me!

Let the parading begin!   



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