For today’s Thursday Thirteen, I offer up the top 13 arguments/misunderstandings (or maybe lack of understanding might be a more appropriate term wink ) between men and women. (In no particular order.)

1. Purse vs Wallet – he can’t understand why she needs new bags when he’s had the same wallet for 7+ years and claims it’s just broken in

2. Black Shoes Brigade – he doesn’t understand why she needs 27 black pairs of shoes

3. The Battle of the Bed – she wants to cuddle and he thinks her body is a burning inferno, except for her feet which are somehow freezing cold

4. Battlefield: Closet – he doesn’t understand why he gets about 4 inches of space while she gets the rest

5. Driving Crazy– she doesn’t understand why he just can’t stop and ask for directions and he doesn’t understand how she got a driver’s license

6. Aim Claim– he thinks it’s the NBA’s loss that he wasn’t drafted for his awesome aim yet there’s a small pile of dirty clothes right next to the clothes hamper that proves he needs to work on his jump shot

7. The Caper of the Clothes – he can’t understand why she has enough clothes for 4 people and still claims to have nothing to wear

8. The Seat – she can’t understand why he can’t remember to put it down and he doesn’t understand why she can’t put the seat down herself

9. The Toilet Paper Fairy – he doesn’t understand what the big deal is about replacing the roll and she thinks putting a stick in a tube should be basic for him

10. To Accessorize – as a concept he doesn’t get it at all and his eyes glaze over when she tries to explain it for the 27th time

11. Time Lapse – she doesn’t understand why he takes so long to do something and he says he needs time to mentally prepare

12. Cover Crusade – he wonders how she wakes up every morning with all the blankets and she wonders why he cares since he always complains about how hot it is

13. Monthly Mood Check – he thinks she’s PMSing while she’s letting him know what she really thinks of his latest idea for a boys night out and she lets him continue to think just that

So what do you think? Did I miss any? cheeky

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