Happy Anniversary, CTR! I'm so happy to have been part of the CTR family this past year, and I'm looking forward to many fabulous years ahead!

Looking back to CTR's first year, 2004 — or any year, for that matter — I always wind up thinking, "Time and again…" Why? Well, I'm a creature of habit who routinely needs a new adventure since I get bored pretty quickly with the status quo — but I need that routine to keep my butt grounded and productive. Otherwise, I'd spend all my time quite content in my own little worlds — and my kids would have starved before they reached their teen years 😉 So, for me, that expression "time and again" serves as a reminder that living this life where I love my routine is a great gift, not a bore at all.

In 2004, I was writing as a means to make myself happy, to collect my thoughts, to let those voices in my head out before they did neurological damage…;) This I'd been doing since I was nine years old.  Writing was a part of my daily routine. By the Fall of 2010, given the rise of e-publishing, I decided to send a manuscript out. That initial acceptance forever changed my routine: now I'm here today, my isolated, happy writing-for-myself gig more open and public with each contract. Me and promo getting along…who woulda thunk that even a year ago…!

What a whirlwind from July 2011 and my first release, UNSTRUNG, to November 2011 and the release of BENDING TYME,  to now, with the release on my third novella, SOUNDING THE DEPTHS, scheduled later this month — and my fourth, AFLAME IN CAMELOT, coming in July 2012! One of my closest friends, who believes I am much too hard on myself, bless him, often reminds me to look at my accomplishments when I look back in time rather than fret about whatever fell along the wayside. Time and again in the past, I've ignored his advice, but given how much fun I've been having since last July…well, today, I'm looking forward to even more cool stuff happenin' with these people in my head between now and July 2013!

Here's to looking at all that CTR has done for so many authors in the past — but, more importantly, here's to another upcoming year of great success and a helluva lot of fun getting there!

* * *


Ethan Gray, former sailor on a nuclear submarine with the Royal Navy, arrives in California to work on a technical paper with a military recruiter, an acquaintance who introduces him to the elusive Josh Bennett. Back in Cali a few weeks later to attend a five-day party, a commitment ceremony for two friends, one with whom he served in Iraq, Ethan again runs into one Joshua Bennett, an explosive ordnance expert in the United States Navy and veteran of two Iraq tours, just returned from a third year he volunteered to spend in Afghanistan: this, an unexpected decision he remains loath to discuss even with the few closest to him. While Ethan’s initial encounters with Josh leave the easy-going, confident British sailor in love for the first time, the tight control Josh maintains in his professional and personal lives leaves him reluctant to ever fall in love again. To win Josh, Ethan must help this man who captured his heart heal his own and leave his dark past behind him. With some persistent interference from Josh’s feisty twin sister Lana – and a specific gay-friendly phone app – can Ethan convince Josh to drop his defenses and let love in? Or is this British sailor out of his depth?

* * *


To celebrate CTR's Anniversary and the release of my sexy sailor story on 21 May with Total-E-Bound, I'm giving away a free pdf copy of SOUNDING THE DEPTHS to one reader who shares: what's one special — maybe unexpected! — accomplishment that's made you happy and proud since 2004?

* * *

Thanks for stopping by, all — and, once again, Happy Anniversary, CTR!




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