What a month July was!  Wow, some really great authors stopped by for a visit, and I was able to sit back and enjoy the ride.  Thank you to all of you who participated in everything!

Now for the fun stuff.  I get to do my bit… complaining for the month.  It’s difficult for me to put it all into one post, so I will try to be blunt and to the point.  I know what you’re thinking – that’s SOO unlike me.  I’m usually so demure and quiet.  I wouldn’t say a bad word about anyone or anything. 

*cough*.  Now that we have that over with, let’s get down to talking about something that … well, let’s just say it upsets me.  It’s something that should have been banned years ago.  Something that is so harmful to the human eye that many of us have to wear sunglasses just to protect ourselves.  Something so scary that we hide our children’s eyes and move away to keep from having the full effect.  Something that can give even the strongest person the scariest nightmares.  Yes, I’m talking about……

Men in Speedos. 

Where did this invention come from?  Was it some man’s way of showing off another man’s … belly?  Cause that’s all you see is the protruding belly hanging over the itty bitty piece of material that is covering the tiny behind that seems to go with it.  It’s like watching a woman suck her flab into those support panties and everything else just hangs over, out of, and around it.  Do they not think about SHRINKAGE?  Hello!!  You’re not showing me anything except a reason to move to another part of the beach (or another side of the pool).

Women spend so much time picking out their bathing suits.  We make sure that our boobs are tucked in, the bottom doesn’t ride up our backside (unless, of course, you buy a thong one and then the whole point is to have it up your backside).  We like specific colors, perhaps buy an accessory – or even go so far as pick out the correct hairdo to go with it. 

So why do men take so little time?  Are they relying on their *cough* assets to get them through?  Is it only short, fat, hairy men who like speedos?  Cause that’s what I see.  Even if you have a man with a nice shape – speedos are just NOT the thing for them.  Perhaps I’m showing my age.  I do love a nice looking man in a pair of normal bathing trunks.  After all, we’re looking at the chest and face, right?  The naked man is not a pretty sight.  It’s like a prune (and sometimes a raisin) hanging from a bush. 

On that note think about it before you let your husband/boyfriend/son/brother/father etc… put on one of those spandex prisons.  Let the boys breathe!  That’s my beyotching for this month!  Have a great rest of the summer.

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