15867595.jpgGood Morning, Mistress Bonnie! Hope you’re well today and have the whips – er, sorry – the coffee heated and ready to go.

My next book, Lonnie Heats Up, is the second book in the Magnificent Men of Munich series. It’s in the hands of my wonderful editor, Linda Wisdom. Hey, I’m not beneath sucking up when necessary. The release date hasn’t been set yet, but I’d like it to be in December. Hint. Hint.

Lonnie Copely is the younger sister of Teddi Howard. She is a psychologist for the crimanally insane and works in an Illinois state penitentiary. After one of her patients falls over the edge, Lonnie takes a well deserved break and visits her sister in Germany. Not being much of a navigator, she takes a wrong turn and ends up lost in Austria.

Wolfe Deider is a bit of a bad boy with problems of his own. A lawyer by profession, he’s sick to death of his papmered rich clients and wants out. Deciding what to do with his future is easy, implementing the plan is another thing. One thing he doesn’t have time for is a woman to muck up his agenda.

It sure wouldn’t be much of a romance novel if a sexy little American didn’t battle wits with a German hunk now would it? And for positions – let’s just say that everything is possible even if you’re not agile. Research is a wonderful experience!

The book I’m working on now is Francine On Fire which is the third one in the series. Francine Daniels is Teddi Howard’s working partner in a travel agency based in Chicago. When Teddi breaks her ankle, Francine agrees to fly to Munich and work a charity golf outing for Teddi. Francine hasn’t a clue about the game and that’s okay because she’s too wrapped up in one specific golfer who has great action when he swings his club.

Heicke Brewer owns four posh hotels in Munich and is the kind of guy who believes one night stands are a committed relationship. He also has the unique ability to know exactly what a woman wants in bed within a matter of minutes of meeting her. It’s what Francine needs that scares the living hell out of him.

Each book in the series kicks the sexual acts up a couple of notches. Isabella Ignites is the fourth book and whoa baby! Isabella is a classy rich girl who has the perfect life, nothing ever goes wrong. So what does a woman who has everything do for fun? Check behind Isabella’s closed bedroom door.

I love writing the books because they stretch my imagination and did I mention the research is great? Time to shag done Studs for more legwork. Keep the coffee hot, Bonnie. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.


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