I currently have three paranormal romance novels floating around, with the first in the series being A Midnight Infatuation. In this book, you’ll be introduced a 150 year old vampire as he discovers the scent of a werewolf female. In their world, vampires and werewolves never knew the other existed (with only a small minority of werewolf elders being in the minority).

Alex is quickly infatuated with the lovely Fiona. He follows her home, and she has a sense that someone is watching her.

Soon Fiona finds out that her pack has instigated their “Fight or Wed” law in regards to her single life. She must decide to either fight for the right to live her life the way she wants, or risk losing it all in a loveless marriage (or death).

The funny thing about Alex and Fiona is that they both have a super heightened sense of smell. She thinks he smells like a corpse (since he actually is, in a way), and he thinks she smells like a wet dog and peaches (from her favorite lotion scent). There is a quite humorous interchange between the two of them about Fiona smelling like a wet dog. At least I’ve been told that it’s humorous. LOL!

There are three books in the Alex & Fiona series. Book 1 deals with their meeting, Fiona’s pack going after her, and how they will remedy the situation. Book 2 (A Birth at Dawn) deals with Alex’s sire returning and being disgusted by Alex’s “human life.” Book 3 (A Twilight Abduction) has a new setting, new supporting characters, and a whole new set of problems. Alex & Fiona must now protect their daughter from the vampire queen, Lilith. She’s determined to dissect the child in order to discover how she’s capable of existing, and to prevent her own vampire children from returning to their mortal form.

All three of the books are a complete story in and of themselves, however books 1 and 2 have nice cliff-hanger endings that help lead into the next book in the series. Nevertheless, I do feel that each book can be read, and understood, without having read the previous one(s).

Now, how about a free copy?

This one is easy:

The first person to comment and tell me the name of Alex’s sire will win a copy of either A Midnight Infatuation, A Birth at Dawn, or A Twilight Abduction. Winner’s choice!

The answer is hidden somewhere on my website. All you gotta do is be the first to find it and comment. Good luck!




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