I'm the author of THE MERS, a mermaid dystopian romance and THE SHIFTER EVOLUTIONS, a shifter dystopian romance saga….and I recently cut my waist it length hair as short as Winona Ryder in the old days.

Why? Frustration with maintaining that long mane.I know many woman can relate, especially in this busy-busy world.

So, how can you style this short cut to add variety?


I have found 7 ways!

1) Clip the bangs back and brush the short sides forward. This is simple and cute.

2) Brush the bangs forward and to one side and fluff the sides and use a band over the center to hold the bangs in place and to keep the back hair back. simple, a little more sexy than cute.

3) Gel all your hair back for that sexy, night-out look (like the Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies)

4) Spike the hair up with gel for that funky look.

5) Brush the bangs forward and the hair back. No fluff on this one, try more for a simple Audrey Hepburn look.

6) Clip all the hair back. Bangs first and then the sides. Keeps hair off face and looks nice with an elegant dress.

7) clip both sides and let th bangs fall naturally in the front. 

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