Hi, I’m Dani Harper and I write paranormal romance. That still raises a few eyebrows in my small island town in Alaska, but hey, I was born fascinated with the supernatural. It was hard not to be since all the women in our family seem to be attuned to it. (Maybe the guys are too, but they don’t admit to it). My gramma and my mom have had a number of extrasensory and otherworldly experiences. Myself, and all four of my daughters are sensitive — and apparently my dog is too!

Case in point:  Scooby the Pug (who is my Official Muse, by the way) always slept with my youngest daughter when she lived at home. When you pet Scooby in his sleep, he automatically stretches out and rolls over on his back so you can pet him even better! My daughter awakened one night because she felt Scooby doing this. She opened her eyes and saw a young bearded man petting the dog! The man looked frightened when he noticed her staring at him, then he backed up and vanished through the closed door.

Since that time, the man appeared several times. Another daughter accidently walked right through him in the hallway! Two other ghosts were discovered to live in our house as well, and we had visual contact as well as the usual cold breezes and thumping around (I slept downstairs, and there was always lots of footsteps above, even when there was nobody home). Plus, the ghosts refused to leave my office door closed, even when I locked it.

We never figured out who the ghosts were, although we did a lot of research. The house was only about 40 years old, with no previous building on the site, so there was no lengthy history there, nor did the ghosts seem to be related to each other. I think the ghosts were pleased with the novelty of finding people who were aware of them. Most likely, they just wanted a little attention.

Kerri Tollbrook, the heroine in my upcoming release, THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT, understands ghosts very well. She counsels the newly departed, helping them come to terms with their state and move on. She’s very successful until she runs into Galen McAllister, who claims he isn’t dead! Is the tall, dark and handsome spirit in denial or under a spell? Kerri’s got until Christmas to solve the riddle and free Galen – or lose him forever.



I have to admit that THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT is one of my personal favorites. Perhaps because the first inkling that I was going to write this story occurred when I “overheard” the lead characters arguing in my head! Out of all of my characters, Kerri and Galen have definitely been the most vocal. (And in case you’re wondering, no, I wasn’t hearing ghosts. Believe me, fictional characters are much bossier and demanding!)

THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT came out Dec. 14th from Cobblestone Press. Here’s the link — and you can read the entire first chapter here too!http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/holidayspirit.htm

For more info and excerpts, check my website at www.romancingthewolf.com .

So now it’s YOUR turn. Tell me what interests you about the supernatural or maybe share something that you or someone you know has experienced.  If you leave a comment, I’ll enter you in a draw for a download of THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT. I’ll post the winning name right here in the comments area of this blog on Dec. 15th.

PS – If you miss this drawing, don’t despair!  There’s more fun to be had! Check out the “Have Yourself a Paranormal Christmas” Romance Authors Web Hunt on my website at http://www.romancingthewolf.com/contests.html  There are three prize packages stuffed with books, ebooks, mugs, goodies and more to be won!  This contest runs until Dec. 21, 2008.

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