Serena Yates is a night owl who enjoys writing when everyone else in her world has gone to sleep. She has always loved reading, and wanted to try her hand at writing, that is once she had established her own financial independence first. She has lived and worked in seven different countries and enjoys people’s differences and different cultures, as well as exploring these things in her stories. She enjoys reading, listening to classical music and spending time with her nieces. She also likes learning new languages, and studying science. She lives in the United Kingdom.

I loved the emotion in To Find and To Keep, that more than anything kept me turning pages until the very end. This story is very realistic in showing what can happen when parents do not do their jobs as parents by loving their children unconditionally. The absolute tenderness and care that Daniel shows Ryan from the very beginning is really beautiful and indicative of Ms. Yates’ giftedness as a writer. This is an m/m romance that I am very happy to recommend to both beginning readers of this genre and old pros such as myself. If you never read another m/m romance this year, read this one, you will not be sorry.

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