Marliss Melton has enjoyed an interesting life. From riding on the back of an elephant, to eating candied ants and visiting every museum and châteaux in Paris, to tracking tigers in northern Thailand, it has been thrilling. She loved reading the Hardy Boys series and wrote her first historical novel when she was thirteen. Later she turned to reading Harlequin romances while writing some books. Marliss enjoys a good many interests, but her first love is writing romance. Her first medieval romance, Danger’s Promise, was published in 2002 and became a RITA finalist for Best First Book. Since then, she has written eight books (some waiting to be released) and branched into romantic suspense featuring Navy SEALs. (Her husband is a Navy veteran, making military romance a natural fit.)

To Far Gone is a must-read. Actually any book penned by Marliss Melton, to me, is a must-read. She creates hunky Navy Seals who go out of their way to protect the innocent and stop the bad guys. Sean is awesome and shows a tremendous amount of devotion. I simply fell in love the way he cares for the boys, not to mention Ellie. When the boys were being kidnapped, I sat spellbound. The whole story jumps out at the reader, making it almost believable with every action. This book just hooks the reader and holds tightly. I could read it again and again, and still feel the adrenaline rush. Ellie is outstanding as a mother, and she allows the reader to share in her pain. Extraordinary and compelling, this story comes highly-recommended.

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