Dale Mayer loves to create stories. She is a prolific, multi-published writer. Dale writes an assortment of different genres and is best known for her Psychic Vision Series. Along with her romantic suspense/thrillers, she pens stories of paranormal romance and crossover young adult books. Dale composes a story so engaging she has the reader on the edge of their seat. Touched by Death was just one of the books that held this reader captivating. One step into her website and the reader will be intrigued by all the stories she designs and characters that leap into your heart.

Touched by Death is a story that keeps the reader tightly glued to the pages. Jade displays such an epic sweep of emotions as she overlooks the damage the earthquake has left among the injured people. Death, sadness, and much grief attach themselves to Jade, as well as Dane. It was practically real; the way Dale Mayer paints the scene, even with the children over the dead bloated bodies, as if the reader were there at the scene. It was quite gripping. She gives her characters depth, sincerity, compassion and adds a touch of suspense, along the way, to make this book an exceptional, engaging read.

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