I love to travel to off the beaten path kinds of places, and when I do, I usually have my boo with me. Although I don’t always write about what we do, I can honestly say that our travels together inspire the places and predicaments I put my characters in.Everywhere I go, I’m good at seeing the “what if”.

Like in Northern Passion, we have been to France many times, and yes, I have used some of that in the book. I’d always wanted to go to the famous Moulin Rouge, so on one trip, my honey surprised me with a trip to a dinner show there. Just like in Northern Passion, you stood in line outside and waited to be admitted. Most of the people in line were tourists. He somehow found a way for us to leave our vehicle and bypass the line. The looks face was priceless as we passed by, so I gave that to Desiree (the main character) as something to notice.

Once inside, you were assigned seats at tables that were every close together, often with strangers at your table. Neither of the people on our flanks spoke english, and I distinctly remember the people on the right trying very hard not to  make eye contact. It felt like we were on a crowded subway in New York. Of course, in the book, Desiree and Sam are led to a private room with sliding walls covered in one way glass. This allowed them to see the show (and enjoy some wild, passionate, crazy lovemaking), but people outside their booth would be unable to see them. All of that came from my imagination, but it was fun to imagine. In my head, Desiree and Sam are very much in love, so that allows them to only see each other when they need to, leaving all else invisible.

When you read Northern Passion, you may notice that I don’t really talk about the show at The Moulin Rouge. Yes, they were topless and they did swing through the air. The show was very much old cabaret and not very “burlesque”. The performers sang to a track, so the show was not all that energetic, although it was quite romantic. I can’t even remember the dinner that was served.  For Sam & Desiree, what made the show special was the thrill of being in such an historically romantic place, and of course, the company.

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Visit me at ninafoxx.com, or on my blog at ninafoxx.blogspot.com, and please check out the series of Cynnamon Foster series. I’m still stewing on where to send my lovebirds next. I’m thinking Morrocco or Istanbul. I’ll mull it over on my trip to the Serengeti.

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