I worked as an English teacher overseas for eight years. Most of the time in Asia. Korea, Thailand, China, Nepal…and I even got to see Tibet and Vietnam.

How cool!

If you want to travel and don't have the money to do so…you may consider teaching in that country for a year? Many people do this and it is easier then you think.

I highly recommend Thailand. Korea is very exotic, but a more difficult place to live for Westerns. Make sure you have a bit of money for a return trip in case you need it! And some spending money.

In an economy that is falling apart, this might be what you need? And you'll come back with good experience.

I wouldn't trade my eight years overseas for anything. I saw so much happiness, sadness, poverty, extremes of rich/poor, and living conditions we can't even imagine.

I was able to help many people, children too. I taught English at schools, but also to the poor who wanted to learn.

I learned so much about spirituality, love, cultures and languages.

Now, I write novels and I hope you check me out at http://amiblackwelder.blogspot.com

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