I have often wished to be inspired to write something from my experiences in other countries. But I never spent long enough in any one place to be able to fully appreciate it enough to write a story based there. After arriving in England, my first vacation was to Majorca. My husband (then boyfriend) and I booked it through a travel agent who assured and reassured me that EVERYONE in Majorca could speak English. Let’s just say that my only Spanish was high school Spanish a long, long time ago. Well, as you might have guessed NO ONE spoke English but a manager at the hotel. I admit I got quite good at pointing at things I wanted and looking at cash registers when it came time to pay. It was quite an experience. But it is a beautiful place with romantic beaches and sunsets.

I did start a book a while ago that was based here in England. We don’t have professional ice hockey (which I love) here, but we have these semi-professional leagues. A lot of former NHL players come from the States to play here (as well as players from Sweden, Finland, etc). I thought it might be cool to write a story of a former NHL player who now lives here. I got about 50 pages done, but have yet to complete i.

My upcoming book is called The Girl Hunter. It will be released in June, 2007 from LoveStruck Books. The book is a contemporary romance set in South Florida in which a case of mistaken identity puts the life of my heroine Katya Black, in grave danger. It’s more of a sweet romance.

Currently, I’m close to finishing up an erotic contemporary, which is a new genre for me. I wanted to experiment a bit with a sexier book, and I want my readers to try to figure out as they read it just who my heroine will be with at the end of the book–if anyone at all. The book is tentatively called, Come Whatever May.

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