Well, it’s that time of year again.  When young girls have an excuse to dress up like cheap tramps, and boys can walk along behind them and be the pimps of the evening.  I must say I’ve never seen so much skin in one night.

I remember when my kids were young and they used to wear the plastic costumes that went over your clothes.  Anyone else remember those?  The ones with the plastic masks with holes in the nose and eyes so you could see and breathe.  Ahh.. to have the Bionic Woman back again.  Yes, that would be nice.  No one say anything about my age now!

But what about these people…sometimes they’re not even young kids… who take pumpkins and splatter them all over the road?  Or toilet paper and soap houses?  Or egg them?  What is the purpose of this and who ever started it?  I can’t imagine being so bored and so idiotic that I would find that remotely exciting or worth my time.  Or the ones who light fires and torture animals.  If someone ever touched one of my pets, I’d skin them alive.  And I’m not kidding.  I know how to skin in under 30 seconds.  You don’t want to mess with me.

I would love to dress up and go to a party.  Back in the day of music, apple bobbing, and just plain fun.  I’m not sure they have such a thing for people my age anymore.  Plus I don’t think the couch potato I’m married to would go.  He’d already have a costume, though!

Well, I thought I would put this out there…to see what you all think about this night.  I can’t wait for Christmas now.  Bring on the next holiday!  Yes, I’m wishing my life away.  Shame on me.  Blog with ya later.


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