Would you like to read some “Best Book Bits” from Trusting Jack?

Excerpt One:

True to his word, James walked Emma back to the booth where Norah was waiting and left to find his friend. Norah scooted closer to Emma and whispered, “Well?”

“He’s nice,” Emma shrugged, “and handsome. But he doesn’t make me think about sex.”

Norah laughed and toasted Emma with her wine. “Then we keep trying.” She looked up and smiled as James returned with another man in tow.

“Here we are,” James said. “I’ve brought Jack Brandon for introductions.”

Emma caught her breath as she looked. He was easily the most attractive man she’d ever seen. His hair was black as coal and curled just a bit over the collar of his black shirt. Steel blue eyes met hers, and when he smiled, she felt her stomach muscles tighten. Good God, she thought, now I’m definitely thinking about sexThe man issex. She reddened slightly and swallowed.

Excerpt Two:

Her slurred speech registered, and Jack stepped back. Emma looked confused and reached for him again. He caught her hands.

“Emma, love, stop. Our first time shouldn’t be like this.”

“What d’ya mean?”

“You’ve had a bit too much to drink, darling. I don’t want to take advantage of that.”

Emma frowned, hurt flashing in her eyes. “You don’t want me?”

“I want you very much, so much that I’m aching. But I don’t want you to be sorry for it in the morning. I care too much, Emma, to take you like this.”

Emma understood some of what he was saying even through the alcohol haze. She nodded and pulled away. “I understand,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry.” She stumbled as she turned away.

Jack caught her before she hit the floor. He cursed under his breath as he carried her to her bed. He took off her shoes and slid her jeans down her legs. He gulped and felt himself harden again when he saw the triangle of matching red lace she wore.

He couldn’t decide if he was being a fool or a gentleman.

“I’m sorry,” Emma said again as he slipped her between the sheets. “Are we still good?”

“Oh, Emma. We’ve never been better. Go to sleep now.” Jack brushed a kiss over her forehead and quietly left.


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