If you practice yoga, Tai Chi, meditate, or even sit in your favorite chair to pray, you may be tuning your physical body in ways you might not have realized.


The physical body is a multi-faceted antenna system. The shapes created from the bones to the cells can radically impact our health and state of well-being. Placing the body in certain ritualistic postures helps us “tune-in” to certain frequencies.


Research in the 1960s showed that there are at least seventy ritual body postures that produced either subtle effects or full-blown altered states of consciousness. These postures generally come in two forms: those that are held for long periods, such as yoga postures, and those that are formed by gentle, fluid movements from a previous position and held momentarily, such as those found in Tai Chi.


The human body is a crystalline lattice that forms a dipole antenna which radiates from the gut area out toward the head and feet and/or out toward each hand. The head and feet carry opposite charges as do each hand. Piezo crystals, which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa, are found in the bones, intestines, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. The body is also full of liquid crystals and minerals that make up the lattice. Placing the body in different positions changes how the crystalline lattice is oriented to the Earth plane, affecting which frequencies it transceives. Ham radio operators use a dipole antenna and orient it either vertically, horizontally, or at a 45-degree angle to the Earth. Prayer postures mimic these postions. For example, the Islamic tradition requires the participant to first stand, then kneel, then bow with the head low and the hips high. Standing is a vertical antenna. Kneeling produces a combined vertical and horizontal antenna. Bowing produces an angled antenna.


Cell membranes are liquid crystal structures. A single cell in the body is a very small, very short antenna. Because it is so short, the frequency it transceives is very high and loaded with energy. Individually, each cell is either acting as a broadcast antenna and transmitting its status or acting as a receiving antenna to obtain what it needs. Collectively, similar cells transmit their own unique signal. For example, liver cells differ slightly from spleen cells. Individually, each liver cell would transceive its own signal, but collectively, all liver cells transceive as if they are one large antenna operating on the same frequency. This is the basic principle used in acupuncture. In ancient Chinese medicine, the liver is not considered to be just one specific organ located in just one place inside the body, as Western anatomy would picture it. In ancient Chinese medical philosophy, “liver” is considered to be a specific energy, or vibration, radiating within and through the entire body system.


Daily practice of placing the body in ritual positions helps tune the body, the mind-body, and the subtle energy bodies to transceive at optimal efficiency. Do you feel more “in tune” after you meditate or exercise?

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