The topic of my blog literally hit me this morning. As I woke up to the alarm clock from hell I noticed that my daughter was standing in front of me (enough to scare anyone who is still asleep) and then, the words that every mother has nightmares over…

            “Mommy, I don’t feel so good.”     oh crap! My super human speed wasn’t quick enough because my ears heard what she had said but my brain was obviously still asleep. And that is when it hit me. literally. If you have never had the pleasure of waking up at an unholy hour to get multiple children ready for school, then have something throw off your groove (I worship you) you really haven’t lived. Your mind goes blank and you go into robot mommy mode, This mode helps the mother get puking child into shower, sheets into washing machine, other children out of the room so more wonderful surprises don’t occur and herself into shower because showing up at school with vomit on you is frowned apon- who knew? Once the showers are finished, lunches are packed and spawn are loaded into the car it is the soccer mom from hell, full contact get the kids to school drive-we do this so we can still get them to school on time, Because no amount of puke will make them late( I think it’s an unwritten mom law). As I am driving the oldest children to school breaking most traffic laws the youngest tells me that she is feeling much better now- Im picturing Mary Poppins and I might just break out with a song.

     So the kids made it to school on time (of course) and mini spawn is now bouncing off the walls and running around the house like she didnt just reinact the exorcisist/pea soup routine. I guess it’s all in a days work… Right, that’s what we tell ourselves.

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