Who is Sophie Oak? That would be me. I write erotic romance with a comedic bent.  A warning though; my books are funny, but not for the faint of heart.  I use some rough language, and my love scenes are very graphic. So if you don’t mind a little menage, a little bondage and a whole lot of romance, please come and join me for a story or two.

 I love a great erotica read. Add in some awesome threeway action with one woman and two men and I go all gaga! LOL. Anyway, I absolutely adored Two to Love by Sophie Oak. Read my fourth paragraph and see for yourself!

I absolutely LOVED this novel! Ms. Oak has a way of adding humor and emotions and sexually charged moments to a book that make it one of a kind. Two to Love is a novel full of danger, sex, heat, zany characters that make you laugh, and heartwarming moments that make you want to sigh. Once I started reading I could not stop and if the phone rang, it got such a glare I swear it broke on sight. I am so in love with this lovely town I want to pick up and move there myself, just because the characters have dug themselves into my heart and refuse to leave. What an amazing tale this is!

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