I swear, women are the only ones who know how to multitask.  I have a husband who has ‘started’ more projects than I have cooked dinners.  I don’t understand how you can just begin something and then stare at it for the next ten months. 

I have a window in the pantry with no frame around it.  The insulation is sticking out and we put the window in back in 2005!!!  I don’t know why it only bothers me.  The thing is, we have the material to put the wood around, he just hasn’t done it.  Why don’t I do it myself, you ask? Or pay someone to do it?  Same reason I potty trained my kids and then pointed to the toilet.  If I do everything for him, he’ll never grow up.

Honestly, it’s a wonder he knows how to have sex – because there’s no finishing anything.  I have a fence with no gate (five years), a shed with wood beside it to build it up (it’s sinking into the ground) – this is just a new project, but six months is new – and I have a bathroom with no fan.  Yes, I have the fan.  Yes, he knows how to put in the fan.  And no, it’s not in yet.  I’ve put the fan on the bathroom counter to keep reminding him, and he just sets it away whenever he’s in there.  *sigh*. 

I am a finisher.  I hate having anything started that doesnt’ get completed.  I would attack him, but I’m afraid I couldn’t stop at just pain.  I would have to do something drastic to get things done.  It’s a wonder he knows how to put on his clothes in the morning and remember to button his shirt.

Yes, I love my husband.  But I’m allowed to vent.  It’s woman’s perogative (whatever).  Now shout out with me ladies – GO FINISH THE DAMNED WINDOW!  It would be a start. Now just to get a finish.

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