Ahhhhh………….the sweet holiday of love. The time when some men go out of their way to get flowers, candy, videos, sexy lingerie, etc., just to please their women. However, do you notice that most men do this for the first few years of your relationship/marriage, but then it’s the women who have to say “did you know that it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow?”

How many of you have seen those last minute shoppers? The ones who are standing in front of the teddy bears, chocolates, and card section scratching their head, wondering what to buy their lady. On a t.v. show I was watching, one man told his young son in law that he shouldn’t buy anything for his new wife because then she’ll expect him to do something every year. Hmmm. We women should be telling each other not to put out on Valentine’s, or they’ll expect it every year.

I love to just spend time together EVERY day. Why do we need to wait for an excuse to sit together and either watch a movie, snuggle, or … well, whatever?? It’s like we’re trained to only be nice at Christmas time, only dress up on Halloween (though this is probably a good thing), only be thankful during Thanksgiving, and show our love on Valentine’s. What about the rest of the year? Is this the type of world we want our children to be brought up in? To teach them only to FEEL when the calendar tells them it’s okay? I hope not.

My son called the other day to ask what he should get his new girlfriend for Valentine’s. They’ve only been dating a few months, and he didnt’ want to send out the wrong ‘message’. I’m sure he heard my sigh clear across the telephone line. I tried to be patient, however, and tell him that the only mixed signal he could give her is to NOT be nice every day. That he could buy her anything he wanted, as long as it wasn’t for the wrong reasons. I told him to think of something she really likes to do, and go with that. That he didn’t have to feel the pressure of buying her anything, because women aren’t really that superficial (ha ha……little does he know!!). I did, however, tell him that she is just looking for an acknowledgement that he likes her, that he enjoys spending time with her, and he should show her some affection. OUT OF THE BEDROOM, of course. As if they’ll listen……..I know my husband and I didn’t listen back when my mother told me to keep my legs crossed at all times. He called me back yesterday and told me that they had a fabulous time. I wanted to, but didn’t, press for details. There are some things a mother just shouldn’t know.

Have a good day, everyone! That’s my blog for today!


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