Paranormal romances are still hot on the shelves and the same is true at Aspen Mountain Press. Vampire romances in particular have been popular with both our authors and our readers.  Our vamps run the gamut of haunting and brooding to downright funny.

In the DarkTake for instance, Rob Graham’s In the Dark. Georges Bellveau is a vampire.  A vampire with a strong sense of right and wrong.  He detests seeing people used, and delights in feeding off of those who would subjugate others to their wims.  With great willpower he controls his urges to feed, keeping his blood lust under control.  When he meets Diane Patterson love enters into his carefully balanced equation.  Can he keep his condition a secret?  And when another other worldly creature threatens to expose him by threatening DIane, will she be able to accept the truth?

C.J. England brings us another vampire, Sebastian, who has kept to the forest, only feeding off those who wander into his sanctuary.  One night he comes upon Teran, a young woman, an outsider in her own community.  She’s being chased by a group of men intent on raping her, but Sebastian comes to her rescue.  In time, she comes to care for him, and he her.  But she is fearful of knowing whether or not her emotions are hers and not what he has entralled her with. In An Unholy Embrace, she elicits a promise from him and when he breaks that promise, she knows she must leave and return to her former lonely life.

Equally heavy are the vampires in Aline DeCheviginy’s Chronicles of the Damned series. In Blood Red, Mikael De Wohlf has lived the better part of his life as a ruthless, vicious vampire.  Only one person, Annabella Micelli, has managed to sooth his vampire ire to warm what is left of his soul. But Annabella despises the way Mikael lives, the way he metes out justice, the way he has brought about the downfall of his enemies. How can he turn her disgust into lust and then maybe into love?

Imagine a peaceful camping trip, the camping trip of a lifetime, one in which you meet people of the opposite sex to whom your group forms an attachment.  When Marty and his friends meet Allison and her friends, it doesn’t seem their recreation can get much better.  You decide to spend some time together at the campsite only to find out your reality is about to take a terrible 180 degree turn!   The woods hold a dark secret and it will take every bit of knowledge and trust they have to survive.  If you loved Salem’s Lot you’re sure to like Chris Morrow’s When Darkness Falls!

Creatures of the Night, Creatures of Delight tells the story of a differnt type of vampire.  In Laura Baumbach’s addition to this anthology, Walk Through Fire, vampire Caleb fights year after year for his lover who has been imprisoned by the vengeful Astaroth.  Year after year Caleb fails, but he doesn’t quit trying, doesn’t give up.  Will this be his year to free his lover?

Dead FaintWhat do you do when you are a vampire that faints at the site of blood?

Billie Joyce’s life-time dream of visiting New York City comes true, but the life changing experience is totally different than what she anticipated. The blonde angel who saved her from death is one of the living dead and now, so is Billie Joyce.  Problem is, she faints at the sight of blood.  To make things more frustrating, she has to contend with a man who can find nothing right with her.  Of course, he would have to be the one who creates more sensations in her body than she ever had when she was alive.

Marcus fights his attraction to the lavender eyed beauty who talks like she stepped out of My Fair Lady.  After all, he’s no Henry Higgins, plus he got over the sex thing centuries ago.  Besides, as the new King of the Vampires, who has time for women?  If you enjoy humor and a little heat with your reading your sure to enjoy Dead Faint by Lizzie T. Leaf.

Stop by Aspen Mountain Press and take home a fun paranormal story for your Halloween reading pleasure.

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