I love verbal sparring too! Two of my books due out soon have a lot of that in it. The one I mentioned before, Cowboys Make Better Lovers, and one coming out through Liquid Silver Books called Braving the Storm. Those were both really fun to write since there’s so much verbal tug of war going on. Just when one of the characters thinks they got the last word in…they find out they’re very wrong! It leads to some very steamy love scenes, let me tell you!

I want to take a moment to talk about electronic publishing. I think it’s getting bigger, better, and more respected as time goes by. What I like about electronic publishing is the fact that nothing has to be sent by snail mail. You can get everything done and sent off without ever getting off your butt. Also, I love that in the e-publishing world authors have so much more freedom to explore story lines that traditional publishers won’t touch. So, this is a wonderful way to experiment with things like a shape shifting, bisexual, alien who lives in Paris and likes to dress up as a pirate on weekends and receive spankings from a current love interest…or two. lol

Do I ever think that ebooks will take over and print books will die out? I hope not! I LOVE books. I have hundreds and hundreds. I have more books than I’ll ever read, and, I say proudly, that I’m collecting more! I have everything from old cookbooks and books on promoting my novels, to true crime and tarot. I love feeling a book in my hands. It seems more real to me. I love the way they look and feel and smell. I have some that have been in basements and smell musty. Others came from a metaphysics shop and even years later they still smell of herbs and incense. I love to dog-ear the pages, and highlight to my heart’s content. You can’t do those things when reading on a computer screen. There’s also something comforting about curling up on the couch or your bed with a book. Not as easy with a computer. And if you fall asleep while reading a book, you don’t have to worry about it falling off your lap, crashing to the floor and breaking…needing hundreds of dollars worth of repairs and wiping out your entire hard drive. Yes…it’s happened to me before.

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