I'm excited that today is the release date for Sins of Lust – available at the Cave! It's my first book with Ellora's Cave and my eleventh m/m romance!

Excerpt and buy link: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-10512-sins-of-lust.aspx

I had fun writing this book because I created several new worlds. It was challenging but satisfying when the worlds took on a life of their own. In a sense, the setting is another character. Settings create a mood and hopefully further the story by providing the perfect backdrop for characters to interact.

For each of my stories, I create a 'style sheet'. It lists character's physical and character traits, cities, buildings, objects (like Razi-el's sword – Deofol's Bane), special place names, etc. This comes in handy if I decide to write a sequel.

Here's a sample of a few terms I created for SoL:

Deofol = ruler of the arch demons and demons

Vox Dei = God’s oracle

Vox Dia = Deofol’s oracle

Caelestia = heavenly city of archangels

Taelestia = heavenly city of angels and Protectors

Haelle = city of the arch demons

Hell = city of the demons

Protector = fallen angels that are now Protectors that protect and kill for angels

Hierarchia = God’s forum of seven councilors comprised of seven archangels.

You can see why I need a list! In my final edits I still discovered a term that was mispelled – but hopefully I caught them all 🙂


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