Shmokin Cocktail!


I'm already starting to think about my annual New Year's cocktail. I have a small gathering at my house every year and I like to have a special drink to toast in the New Year – last year was St. Germain with champagne – and it was quite a hit. I read about the liquor in a magazine when visiting my friend in San Diego. It's Fench and made from fresh wild elderflowers!

This year I'm thinking of having Angel Face cocktails in celebration of Sins of Lust. There's a bar scene where this drink is featured and Hot Devilish daiquiris are mentioned. 🙂 and I won't say more as not to ruin it for you! Let's just say that angels don't take to Earth liquor very well ~ and well, it can be a bit comical…

Angel Face consists of dry gin, apricot brandy and calvados (apple) – so what do you think?



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