I tried to make the title like A Walk on the Wild Side….sorry if it failed miserably.

WIPs – works in progress. These are always knocking on my door. So many ideas with so little time. I have my idea folder waiting paitently for me to visit.

There are a few in the works. One I’m excited about is sci fi set in the near future with a time travel element. I’m a Terminator and Aliens fan. Mix that with Gone With the Wind and sex and I’ve got a hot combination.

Here’s a little blurb and I'd love to hear what you think about it.


Her fear ripened and Trinity had a burning urge to leave. Run. Get the hell out of there. She heard the sound again, a metallic clicking and whir. She glanced around to find its origin. A flash through the trees followed by a green beam of light swept through the brush.

What the –

Then she was face down in the bushes, her skin being torn by the brambles and the weight of something big crushed her into the earth.

“Shh. Not a sound.” The whisper in her ear was harsh, deep and utterly male.

Trinity struggled to turn and see this brute that knocked her to the ground but he held her fast. “Hey. Who the hell are you?”

He pushed her deeper into the underbrush and covered her mouth with his hand squeezing her chin tight. “I said quiet. And lay still if you want to live.”

Wasn’t that a line from some sci fi movie or something?

But Brute Man had her pinned. She couldn’t move if she tried and the tone of his voice screamed urgent. Something told Trinity to do as he instructed and she lay immobile beneath him.


Did it hook you?  Let me know.

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