I have found that i tend to enjoy changing up the way I read my romance. From say contemporary to historical, to adding a bit bit of suspense or paranormal, then some heat and back round another way.. keeps things fresh and doesnt leave theat same old boring plot line.  And beinga reviewr has reall allowed me to sample many flavors, but one that reall stands out of late is Christian/Inspirational Romance.. At times we all want to feel some reality within our reading as well and it seems like this genre is just racing along with the best of them. I have read quite a few good one but  this one author has just blown me away with her writings. I have had the pleasure of revieweing 2 of her books , one of which has just been released.

Her name is Wanda B Campbell

Her website is http://www.wandabcampbell.net/

Links to the 2 reviews I have done for her



First Sunday In October



Both these books truely show you the human spirit of men and women and the sometimes painful truths we all face in life, yet turn to things such as faith and friends and family to see us thru.  Ms. Campbell uses such powerful emotions in her books one cannot help but to immerse yourself. I cannot say that there is one defineing moment or character that truely stands out amongst the others.. It is rather books that must be felt with your heart not read with just words  written on paper.  If you truely are looking for “real romance” than I would say hands down pick up either one of these 2 books you will not be disappointed in any way. No matter what your Choice of religion might be.

Thank you again Ms. Campbell for giving us a hope and love when life can sometimes be so bleek. You truely have a wonderful gift.


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