Try Lone Wolf

Lewis looked at the woman standing on the dance floor staring at him. Her full, red lips parted, her eyes flashed, and her body swayed to the beat of the music like a slow, seductive invitation to sex. The animal in Lewis stood up and howled.

From the moment he’d felt a prickle at the back of his neck and turned to see a pair of golden brown eyes staring at him, he’d struggled to keep his wild desire under control. The crowded club, the thumping beat of the music, the steamy heat and the pungent smell of a hundred writhing, sweaty, perfumed bodies faded into the ether, leaving him staring open-mouthed at the most compelling, sexy woman he had ever seen. Her silver dress clung tightly to the ripe curves it covered, but the deeply dipping neckline and the hem riding high on her thighs revealed enough golden skin to make him salivate.

She dropped one eyelid in a wicked wink, keeping her gaze locked on him, and began a sensuous gyration on the dance floor, her solitary performance designed to make every man present wonder what it would be like to have that body rubbed against his. But she didn’t look at any other man. She focused entirely on Lewis.

His cock stirred with a force more compelling than mere attraction. The driving urge to mate drained the blood from his face and sent it surging into his penis, making him rock-hard and ready.

He shouldered his way through the crowd until he stood before her. She looked up, and a smile curved her lips. She nodded and wrapped her hands behind his neck, never breaking her sinuous rhythm. His control shattered, and he reached out and grabbed her, his hands landing on her hips, pulling her in until she ground against his erection, giving him what he wanted and inflaming his desire until it smoked and sizzled like wildfire.

His nose wrinkled as he picked up the unmistakeable scent of pheromones and arousal wafting from her bare skin. He growled low in his throat.Lone Wolf

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