Or was that, from the other side?  I’m never sure, because no matter where I am, the grass is always greener on the other side.  Yes, I know you saw that coming.  I can’t think for two reasons:  One, I’m getting older, and two, because I’m listening to my husband snore.  Oh for the days when the kids were young, we were frisky, and we always did things together.  No, wait.  I’m thinking of my soap opera.  Never mind.

Feel free to share some excerpts with us, Olivia.  I love to read samples, and you can slip in some ideas of where you came up with the plot for each book, and how many ‘to be written’ files you have on your computer.  Do you find it difficult to come up with a new book?  Or do you have lots of ideas filed away for a rainy day?  I would also love to know – if you’re in the middle of writing one book, do you think of an idea for another and have to keep yourself from trailing off to work on that one?  Can you stick to one at a time?  I’m nosey, yes.  But then I am an over middle aged housewife with a snoring husband and grown kids who no longer need my advice.  Okay, they need it.  But they won’t listen.


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