“Olivia lives in the county of Yorkshire in the north of England. She was formerly a Classical archaeologist and has excavated sites in the UK and Greece.” 

This is what you read in the first lines of her biography, and I have to say I’m intrigued!  Wow!  Where do you get the time to do everything, and how fun is it to learn new languages?  I have always wanted to be fluent in many languages, but I can only speak English and husbandese.  Yes, husbandese.  Not many of us have mastered this language, but I think I’ve done well this far.  Plus I have learned to tone it out when needed as well.

You’ve written a few books with other authors, I see.  How fun/hard is this?  Do you have to agree on a certain ‘topic’ and then put your own spin on it, or can it be something totally different from the other ladies?  I know nothing about this business, but I’m beginning to get pieces as I interview all you wonderful authors. 

Let loose, Olivia!  We want to know more.

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