Thanks to a family with an overabundance of imagination and a love for books of all kinds, Joie Lesin grew up learning the value of a good story. She recorded her first story at the tender age of six and finished her first novel at twelve, thus entering a world of supernatural. Where helping a lost soul is an everyday occurrence and readers can discover love’s haunting journey home.

Joie’s passion for storytelling hasn’t taken away from her role as a mother to two children and a Cardigan Welsh Corgis. She enjoys reading, writing, taking long walks, and loves to delve into the history of ghosts.

Please welcome Joie Lesin to Coffee Thoughts with Bonnie (and Claudine), and be sure and check out her newest release “The Passenger” from Vintage Romance Publishing. Set in the 1940’s, The Passenger tells the story of Elizabeth Reilly who travels to the Clemente Vineyard to help the spirit of an old man find peace and loses her heart to the son he left behind. One reviewer is quoted as saying “…The 1940’s is portrayed so vividly that the time and place become characters of their own. I could see the clothing, hear the music and feel the scratchy car upholstery. It is a ghost story, a story of love and loss that bridges the gap between the living and the dead…”

Bring on the stories, Joie!  I can’t wait to hear more.

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