If you visit her website, you will learn that Liane Gentry Skye was considered the girl most likely to become a nun in high school.  This is at first hard to believe when you’re on the site looking at raunchy covers and reading about erotic stories.  But then I clicked on the ‘about me’ and soon learned that this is a woman who bases her life on not just writing – but on her children and their struggle with Autism.  Struggle?  Is that the correct word, I wonder?  Liane will have to answer that for you because she has also written books on that subject.

I often wonder what authors do in their ‘spare time’.  As a mother myself, I can understand when another woman says she doesnt’ have much spare time.  But would I change it? No.  I had someone once hold open their calendar and complain about all the things they had to do that month.  I said “how would you feel if you opened up an empty page?”

Liane, tell us about your books, your life, and your ideas for the future.  Tell us where you’re going and how you plan on getting there.  This is your time to shine – and people – get on your keyboards and chat with Liane!  She will be sharing lots of things over the next few days, so be nice or I’ll come after you all!!

Liane, you may have been a nun, but I was far from it………hard to believe as sweet as I am, I know. 

Bring on the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

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