J.L. Wilson is my kinda author! Her stories have it all, sex, intrigue, mystery, excitement, hot men, sex, wait, I said that.  But, something’s missing, oh, yes, the whole, “Honey, I’m pregnant.” thing. 

When Ms. Wilson read her first romance novel, she loved the sexy dialogue, the hot heroes, and the spunky courageous heroines. However, all of the books seemed to have one common theme—beating the heroine’s biological clock, while J.L.’s life ran on a different schedule. Perhaps like me, she muffles the annoying tick-tock of the biological clock with the application of vast quantities of chocolate, loud music, and pictures of half-naked men. Hey now, none of that, it works.   

So, she decided to do her own brand of stories which she calls. Mysteries with a touch of romance, romance with a touch of gray.   That means mature, everyday of women who’ve lived, loved, gained and lost.  They’re also wise enough to prevent that whole two pink lines problem in that country song.

When you take away the whole sex for procreation reasons, what you have left is a set of new problems for the characters to overcome.  Her characters are women and men who are mature in years if not wisdom.  Some have lost spouses; others have just lost their peace of mind.  War heroes, firemen, widows, divorcees, and many more are found in the pages of her books.

So, please welcome J.L. Wilson to Coffee Time and pick up a copy of her newest release Your Saving Grace from Cerridwen Press.  Hannah and Jude are another pair of her unique characters. He’s a cop and she’s hiding out from not one but two stalkers.  I love policemen!  I guess it’s the uniform and the reason I’m a sucker for a man in uniform is because I’m hoping he’s going to be out of it sometime soon.

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