braless.jpgAnother guest has joined the list of guest bloggers. I’m happy to have Jenna Leigh, author of “Braless in the Buick” here this week. I just had to ask where she got the title for this story, because I was intrigued. Here is what Jenna has to say about her book:

The Birth of Braless

Friend and fellow author, Lori had to rush out and pick up her sick child from his paper route without a bra or even brushing her hair. Being the sweet and naive woman that she is, she told me about it one day in passing. I’m a wonderful and supportive friend so, of course, I hounded her about it for days on end.

J. Ellen Smith, the owner of Champagne Books was in Coffee Time’s weekly author chat along with Lori and others. The hounding didn’t stop, in fact, I was even worse, since I had an audience to play to, not that she cared, because we do like to kid one another, with weapons being mentioned on both sides. However, Ellen must have sensed some spark of talent beneath all my Southern-fried goofiness, because she told me in a private message that if I could send her a proposal and at least three chapters with that concept, we might be in business.

Thank God that it wasn’t a voice chat or that poor woman would be deaf, because after I figured out it wasn’t a joke, I screamed like a banshee, stomped and cried then typed with trembling fingers. “Why, yes ma’am, I believe I can do that.” The rest is history, hard work and a lot of edits and Braless in the Buick was born.

As for Lori Bingley, well, I like to call her my evil twin, but you know, it’s a toss up as who’s earned that title, her or me. After all, I did take one little mistake and turn it into a book, so I think I won that round. But when you’re up against a woman who writes romantic suspense you could turn up as a victim in her next book and that’s a scary thought.

Jenna Leigh

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