Many people out there are in the same predicament that I am right now. It’s May which means… Oh No!! School’s out soon! Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and we love to take trips during the summer. BUT I have to get them involved with something so they don’t drive mom nuts in between those trips ect. So what do I do? I go on mad search at our gym and any other place for camps that I can enroll them into. My kids get out of school tomorrow so I’m desperate. I’m looking through the long list hoping to find anything that still has two openings left. At this point they don’t get a choice of what they will be enrolled in – Scrapbooking, Beginning Knitting, Swimming, arts n crafts, Baking, Dance. Have I mentioned one is a running back and the other one is a quarter back and were born to play football? Their choices aren’t looking too good.

     So while I’m in mad search mode and ready to pull my hair out, “IT” walks up to me. I am looking through lists like a mad woman when this woman approaches me,

“Are you looking to enroll your children?” I’m quietly thinking – well, no I thought I’d enroll myself-DUH. I smile politely “Yes, summer snuck up on us this year and I need to find something for my kids to do.” Nice, was the angle I was going for, since she was holding a little girl and her 7ish little boy was standing next to her. Then she opened her mouth:

“If you had been more prepared you might have found a sports camp. Now you are going to be stuck with the camps that no one wants.”


Have you ever had the urge to throw a clipboard at someone you don’t know?


Like I didn’t have a clue that this was a last minute thing? It’s not like I found the kids on the corner as I was walking into the joint- This isn’t our first BBQ. We normally have them enrolled by now. BUT things came up. An eerie calm came over me at this point.


“Yeah, it is last minute.” Short and sweet –that’s me  Yeah RIGHT.

“It sure is. Good luck” with this she turned away and marched down the busy hall. I stood there watching for a minute, Not because of the shock of her boldness. But because where she was carting her daughter and her gym bag her skirt was bunched up in the back showing off a bright pink THONG. Hum. Do I tell her? Nahhh I let her and all her glory march out of the building and through the parking lot.

It’s good to be me!


P.S the kids will be enrolled in swimming, Although I think it might be funny to enroll them in the knitting class.


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