I’m so happy to have another great author join me here at Coffee Time.  Often we forget with the age of electronics and hi-fi (whatever) stereos, HD TVs, and hand held gadgets, that we still have an array of creativity you can hold in your hand without clicking buttons or waiting for a screen to load.  We have books that give you a sense of peace, a moment (or hours) of entertainment, and at times educate us.

Such an author is Shobhan Bantwal.  She was born in India, had an arranged marriage to come to the United States, and is now is the author of – to name one- “The Forbidden Daughter”; a story about a woman living in an environment where being pregnant with a girl causes the doctor to suggest abortion and her inlaws to demand it.  We truly take for granted the freedom we have in this country, and Shobhan teaches us to take a step back and walk in another woman’s shoes for a while.

I’ll let her tell you more about herself, but for now check out Shobhan’s website at www.shobhanbantwal.com.  Welcome, Shobhan, and tell us about yourself!!!

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