2360590.jpgHi there java lovers, I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Vanessa Gilfoy to our blog.    It should come as no surprise that I’ve been snooping again. What I found out on her site is that the newest addition to our ever-growing blogger nation will fit in just fine. 


Vanessa loves coffee and chocolate, which I personally think are the two main food groups. Honestly, what girl really needs fiber with these two running amok their system?  Of course, everyone knows that margaritas and our Merciless Mistress (KarenneLyn) are match made in Heaven—for us, when she passes out.   While nothing on Heaven or Earth stops the Heinous Highness (Karen) we’ve not given up hope yet. But back to Ms. Gilfoy before I spill the beans about the plot to overthrow the big wigs.


I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi as young girl, but as I grew older, I found myself drifting away from it because while there was a lot of fighting in the books, there was no hmm.. let’s just say, action. After reading twenty boring chapters of battles or eye crossing technical space jargon, surely I deserved to see a little slap and tickle or even a kiss or two. 


However, it seemed inevitably that two things would occur. If there was a woman, she was his buddy and pined for him.  Of course, he’d never realize this until it was too late and she was dying, being the big muscle bound idiot he was—perhaps he couldn’t see it because his huge biceps got in the way. 

Or, if she was his girlfriend, she would end up betraying him which he never saw coming until she pulled a knife on him or deserted him to go live with a pirate.(Can’t say that I blame her. Hello? Johnny Depp.)   

Were these guys putting their Mario Stu’s into their books? Oh, yes I think so.


Ultimately, I became frustrated with the whole genre, because if the hero was so perfect why couldn’t he keep a girl and more importantly (to me) why didn’t I ever see him have sex? Because even if the hero did ‘do it’ in these books, it usually happened behind that proverbial closed door. 


This finally drove me to the romance section, where I’ve happily stayed since.   People wonder why romance seems have found this magic niche, and is such big business despite the fact that some people frown on it as light reading.  Well, I’ll give you the answer in five words:  Finally. Some. Sex. Damn. It!


So, with her fantasy romances (see, there’s that magic word again) that have elves, kings, dwarves, demon curses and hot steamy love scenes added in for good measure,  Ms Gilfoy gives me a reason to want to read fantasy again.  Don’t they always say women are the champions of multitasking? Well, if they don’t, then they should.


Vanessa’s going to be with us for Valentine’s Day too, so whether you have a special someone or not, her books are sure to make all your romantic fantasies come true.

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