Please, join me in welcoming author Caitlyn Nicholas!

While scoping out Caitlyn’s site I saw all sorts of teasing blurbs her stories. Of course, the one that’s available now is Running Scared, a story that combines romance, and gemstones. I’m not sure my heart could take it, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Running Scared is just one of her novels, as it seems she’s been a very busy and has a whole lot more wonderful things coming up. Luckily, she’s agreed to come and spend a few days with us. We’ll learn about her books, her hobbies, and ace blogateer that I am, we could fing out her deepest darkest secrets. Well, maybe not, I don’t want her running scared after all.

One factoid that’s not so secret is, Caitlyn is from Australia and I’m wondering if she’s going to give her readers a book with one of those hot hunks from the Land Down Under any time soon?

I’m looking forward to finding out this and so many other new things about our newest Coffee Thoughts Author! Thanks so much for joining us, Caitlyn!

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