20116436.jpgI’m a girl after all. 

Nah! I’m a redneck girl and proud of it. Hell Yeah! and all that.

10 reasons why I’m a redneck:

1. Yes, Bonnie, I have dated a cousin, albiet innocently and it was like 10th cousin twice removed. We both freaked and stopped dating at once, and NO we didn’t do that!! Thank you Meemaw for telling me! *grumble* Cute dimples *grumble*

2. I know people by nicknames: Shim, Bo, Buzz, Skillet, Whet. I was twelve before I realized my Uncle Bob’s real first name was Tommy. (I don’t know why either, don’t ask me!) Oh, and my hubby’s a Bubba and I go by Jenn or Jennzilla.

3. I’ve been frog gigging in the middle of the night. (If you’re a wildlife and fisheries person, I only watched. *coughs*)

4. My family owns: Two or more 4-wheelers, a jet ski, 2 boats, a house-boat, a river camp I call the Nana Compound, where we all fish and act insane. (Ditto on the wildlife and fisheries thing)

5. I’ve been skinny dippin’,back when I was skinny, that is,now I’d be chunky dunkin’.

6. I’ve been mud hawgin’.  This is so much FUN! *yes, this is sarcasm* When you get stuck and I do mean when, you get ‘walk out’ and fight off the skeeters and run when you hear the screams of the ginormous panthers that can and will eat your liver without the benefit of that wine that Hannibal Lector was always on about in Silence of the Lambs.

7. I’ve been huntin’.  Ok, my daddy attempted to take me, once. I wouldn’t be still or quiet. Never again. (YES!) However, I can watch them skin and dress a deer, and help if need be. I can also cook it with biscuits and gravy.

8. My grandfather was a fisherman who sold fish for a living, so I can bait my own hook and catch a ‘mess’ of fish which I can then go and clean and fry up in a pan. 

9. I know how to make sweet tea. If you think this is an easy feat, you’re wrong.  Some of the stuff served up ‘Nawth’ is nasty, and I don’t know what they’re saving the ice cubs for but, I mean really!  This may not be a redneck thing, I’m putting it in here anyway.

10. I know all the good places to bury the bodies. 




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