Mental foreplay is very important, but a lot of married couples think since they know the ‘road to happyville’ so well, why bother making a detour into undiscovered country?

In the back of our minds, we’re all waiting to get Mr or Ms Right so we can relax.  Like the movie/book/song says, we’re Waiting to Exahle. We’ve bagged or big buck(or doe) so we can sit back and relax for a little while.  Sometimes, a novel will remind us of our first date, first kiss, first–whatever, rekindling the magic, making us smile. 

I think that’s why romance/erotica is such a wonderful genre. When a book focuses on the relationship,whether it’s fantasy, suspense, contemporary, paranormal, it remind us of what we had and if they’re good, they can help us recapture the memories of the firsts we’ve had with our significant others or even exes. 

In other words, they’re an escape without leaving the couch, computer monitor or ebook reader.  And in this day and age of higher gas prices, that’s what I call magic.

So bring it on Vanessa!

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