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Last night I wrote that ideas come from all kinds of places. My novella BLUE, releasing in December, was one of those stories that came from a newspaper article. This novella, I believe, will actually morph into a novel in the future, so stay tuned. Here’s a sneak peek. I’ve posted the blurb followed by an excerpt. Enjoy!


Cyan Seye is on the run.  She is the last blue-eyed, Caucasian woman known to exist in the year 2097.  Her father has just been murdered and suddenly her safe and sequestered life no longer exists.
Devin McCrae, a Mulatto, is her protector.  Hired by her father to see Cyan to a safe place called Betatakin, it is his mission to see to her father’s dying wish.
Running from the government, the Underground, and hidden forces aligning against them, Devin and Cyan begin a frantic journey for safety.  Cyan’s life is totally in Devin’s hands, while his life depends on getting them both safely to Betatakin.  Relying solely on each other, trust becomes a critical factor.  But trusting Devin is no easy feat for Cyan — especially since her protector and her father’s murderer are one in the same. 
“So tell me the plan.”
            Blue’s voice was low.  Hushed.  She knew the routine.  Caution was her game.  Her life.  Although Devin was certain everyone in the restaurant was local, he didn’t blame her for guarding herself.
            “We’ll keep pushing west.  No plan.  Get there the best way we can.  Watch our backs.”
            She leaned in.  “McCrae, we’re both about spent.  Been running for a month now.  We can’t walk from Kentucky to Arizona.”
            “I never intended that we would.  Just no plans.  Nothing written anywhere.  Nothing spoken.  Ever.  We find ways.  We get there.”
            “And we’re going to sleep in the woods?  I don’t suppose you have any cash on you.”
            “Not enough.”  He snorted.  “If you remember, I was in my skivvies when the sky fell in on us.  You weren’t in much better shape.  I grabbed what I could, got you out, and didn’t look back.”
            She inhaled, exhaled, looked away.  The short order cook called out someone’s order.  Clanked a bell.  “I know.  I wasn’t expecting that.”
            “Ditto.”  He lifted his gaze to stare at the monitor above the counter.  Morning news.  He kept one ear open.
            “You think Chaco is dead?”  Her voice was pointed toward the wall.  She hadn’t looked back at him yet.
            After a moment she turned her blue eyes back on him.  He raked his gaze over her face.  Noticed the stray blonde hairs slipping out from under her cap.  Dammit.  They had to get to a drug store.  Today.
            “You grab your contacts before we left?”
            She nodded.  “In my pocket.  But no solution.  Have to wait.”
            “Keep the ball cap pulled down over your eyes, okay?  Especially out in public.  One look from anyone into those baby blues of yours and it’s all over.”
            Blue pulled the ball cap lower.  “I know.”
            His gaze dropped to her neck.  Long, slim.  Lily white.  She’d not seen much sun in her life.  Such a contrast to him.  Her shirt collar fell open, sloppy against her chest.  They both had on whatever clothes they could grab and pull on yesterday before all hell broke loose.
            The silver chain around her neck, however, caught his gaze and he followed link after link downward until they nestled between her breasts. 
            “You still have your necklace.  The sapphire.”
            His gaze stayed put.  “Good.”
            “I never take it off.”
            Damned good.  “That’s what your father would have wanted.”
            “I know.”
            The tone of her voice then forced his eyes up to meet hers.  She glared at him, he was sure at the mention of her father.  Not sure why in the hell he did that.  But that damned necklace had to stay put.  Had to stay on her neck.  He knew she didn’t know how critical that was. 
            The news droned on.  A phrase caught his ear.
            “McCrae, how can we —“
            He waved her off.  “Shshsh…”
            The Latina on the screen broke the story.  An interruption to their regular programming.  Murdered bodyguard.  Suspected kidnapping.  Armed and dangerous.  Stop at all costs.
Then his picture flashed across the monitor.
He didn’t get the whole story. 
Just enough to know that he and Blue were in deep shit.  Much deeper today than yesterday.

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