so what types of genre do I like the most? Well for me, it seems that paranormal works the best. I just reviewed a book called MATING CLAIRE: SEA WOLVES ISLAND 1 BY JENNY PENN. These types of books for more have it all. Not to say there aren’t others out there that I won’t read. But to grab my interest it should have at least some of the following criteria:

makes me laugh

good sex scenes

good characters ( I cannot stand wimpy characters, male or female)

A believable story. By this I don’t mean realistic. It can be paranormal or fantasy but it cannot be so out there that I as the reader could not imagine it. At the same time I do not like realistic stories. I read to get away from the real world for a little bit. I do not want to read a romance story about a woman with a cheating husband or a life changing event. I deal with this enough during my own life. I want to escape, even for a little bit!

What about you? What kind of books do you like and what kind do you dislike?


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